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Braces & Implants in Saini Enclave

Braces V/S Dental Implants

Oral hygiene is an important yet often neglected part of our overall hygiene. Healthy tooth brings out confidence and boost your self-esteem as well. Hence giving priority to oral health should be of prime importance and in the journey, role of a dentist is inevitable. A dentist understands every issue from its core and suggests solutions that are appropriate to one and all. If required, the dentist will suggest certain implants, surgeries etc. as part of the treatment process and that should be followed religiously.

Dental Implants and Braces

Often, we have this one doubt that which should be placed first, braces or dental implants. There is no fixed answer to it but it depends on a person’s condition, and other individual factors. In most of the cases, however, orthodontics braces are first one to be placed. Braces are the most common dental part that helps in creating spacing and anatomy for any kind of future implants. Braces & Implants in Anand Vihar are ideal ways to make your overall teeth appearance smart and healthy.

In cases where teeth surrounding the implant need not be moved, then an implant can be placed directly, which will help in healing faster. The answer to which one is better is still debatable as both an ideal way to correct crooked or improper aligned teeth. Both dental procedures will change the look and appearance a bit and hence it will be an individual choice of which one to choose over another.

  • Dental Implant, by definition is an artificial root for tooth that is usually placed in the jawbone. Of the common implants are end steal or inside the bone and sub periosteal or outside the bone
  • Dental implants look similar to natural teeth and it have a long life if taken well care of. Unlike dentures, there is no problem in chewing with implants. With dental implants, there is no need to remove the natural teeth
  • Braces are physical dental devices made of metal and plastic combination, that are used to correct tooth alignment or overlap by applying pressure to the teeth
  • Different kinds of braces are available including clear, metal, self-ligating etc.

Difference between Implants and Braces

Braces & Implants in Saini Enclave are used to correct alignment of teeth but there exist some minor differences between the two. Implants are surgically placed in jawbone and they are permanent fixture to replace damaged or missing tooth. Braces are removable devices that are temporary fixed onto the teeth. They are used to correct alignment, overlap or irregular bite issues.

Dental implants are more costly option than braces as the former involves high end technology and surgery while the latter involves no surgery. Dental Implants involve extensive dental knowledge and process in comparison to braces. In comparison to braces, implants have more healing time. Braces are a temporary solution while dental implants are permanent solution to your crooked teeth. For those with severe gum issues, dentists always recommend having a permanent dental implant than braces.

In either case, it is important to maintain oral hygiene and hence brushing and flossing twice daily is recommended.

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