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Periodontics disease and its symptoms

Periodontics disease and its symptoms

Dental science is complex and with wide range of tooth related problems today, it becomes even more difficult. We often take our dentist for granted as tooth issues are often neglected, but if left untreated, it can give you some tough time. Of the many common oral tooth related problems, one common issue is periodontal disease, also known by the name gum disease. Periodontal disease in Surajmal Vihar is not that rare problem but still many people often misinterpret it as gum bleeding. It is basically a combination of inflammatory conditions, where tissues surrounding the teeth are affected the most.

While in its primary stage, it is known as gingivitis, and at that time, the gums may turn swollen and at time bleed as well. If not diagnosed and treated on time, it may result in more serious form which is known as periodontics disease. In that case, the gums get pulled away from the teeth which may result in lose of bone or teeth completely. Tooth Cosmic is one of the ideal destinations for treating best periodontal disease in Saini Enclave and around. The team of dentists here work efficiently to patiently listen to the problems with their patients and accordingly prescribe the treatment methodology and medicines.

What is the root cause for periodontal disease? It is a bacterial infection that may occur when the infecting agent infects the tissues surrounding the teeth. There are many underlying reasons for the same including constant smoking, diabetes, HIV infection and also due to prolonged use of certain medications. Dentists usually analyse the tooth area to detect damaged tissue that indicates presence of bacteria in the teeth. Diagnosis can be either by naked eyes or by using x-rays for detailed imaging. Most of the dentist first recommend oral hygiene to reduce the impact of the hygiene which may include regular brushing and flossing twice a day. In rare cases, patients may be advised dental surgery however with few oral medications often the issue is resolved.

Early signs and symptoms of the disease

In most of the cases, there is no early symptoms as most of the patients experience pain in later developments. Some of the commonly noticed symptoms include the following:
* Swollen tooth area specially around the gums
* Redness and bleeding of gums while flossing or brushing
* Bad breath even after brushing
* Formation of gap between the tooth and the gum due to collagen destroying enzymes, also known as collagenases

There may be other probable reasons for above symptoms though but once a person detects any of these signs or symptoms, it is always better to consult the doctor rather than going for home remedies.

The root cause for periodontics disease is inflammation but majorly its not a serious condition. However, following routine check-ups and medications by the dentists, this can be cured without any side effects. In rarely some case, this disease might pave way for more serious tooth related problems which can be serious if not consulted at the right time. Tooth is a small yet vital part of our oral hygiene, therefore its care must not be neglected at any point.

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