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Root Canal in Karkardoom

Oral care and dental implants

Dental care is the most important part of the hygiene which is most often taken for granted by many. Our elders as well as dentists often suggests that we should brush our teeth’s twice a day on a daily basis to maintain dental hygiene. But even after so much care, many of use would have suffered minor to severe tooth related issues which requires medical interventions. One such common issue is tooth decaying and development of cavities.

The only solution or the treatment is having a root canal in Karkardooma. The procedure is comparatively an expensive one and might require more than 2 sittings with your dentists. Another common issue for which people usually drop down to a dentist is the alignment of their teeth. This problem is usually faced by all age groups and if left untreated can be a cause of serious concern. The only solution to get proper alignment to your teeth is using braces & implants in Surajmal Vihar. This too will take more than 2 sittings and often require servicing after frequent time intervals.

In case of root canal, the infected area is primarily removed and then that portion is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The hollow area is then filled with a material that has a rubbery texture. This is usually called as gutta percha by dentists. Then the particular tooth is restored with a crown for protection. It behaves as your natural tooth only. The treatment for root canal in Karkardooma is costly but not more than the extraction process. Cost for molars is high and usually covered under dental insurances, if any. Symptoms that indicate the requirement for a root canal are as follows:
* Pain while chewing
* Cracked tooth
* Sensitivity with hot or cold objects
* Swollen gums
* Decaying gums

Braces and implants in Surajmal Vihar are two different procedures where usually braces precedes implants. Dental implants are substitute for real tooth that has been damaged or decayed for some reasons. The main component of such implants is titanium post which is inserted into the jaws in place of tooth. Further a prosthetic crown is placed to hold it in the same position. Dental implants offer many benefits to a person as below:
* Face appearance enhances
* Speech is improved
* There is no evident discomfort with the implants and it feels the same like your own natural tooth
* It is durable
* Improves oral hygiene and health

Alternative to implants, a dentist may often suggest braces which will fill in for the missing tooth. In either case, it is always suggested to do the braces before orthodontics or implants as these dental implants cannot be moved or aligned once fixed.

Oral hygiene and oral health should be given equal importance like we give importance to our face, health, hair etc. It is a natural part of our body that needs to be well maintained. Dentists across the world often emphasise on oral hygiene as this is the most neglected part for most of the people. To keep your tooth healthy, have proper flossing and brushing on a daily basis after all a healthy smile is always a positive sight to watch.

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